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What services are provided by Nina’s Health Care Services, LLC?
Nina’s Health Care Services, LLC provides a range of services for homebound clients:

  1. Skilled Nursing
  2. Home Health Aide
  3. Therapy
  4. MRDD
  5. Companionship

Who benefits from your services?

Mainly we serve patients who have been deemed homebound by their physician due to old age or disability. Other clients are recommended for home health care after being diagnosed with chronic illness or a debilitating disease that often impairs a person’s mobility.

Do you require a recommendation from my physician?

A recommendation will be helpful but will not be necessary. It is, however, advisable to ask your physician first if home care is a viable option for you. Otherwise, our care coordinator will conduct a thorough assessment of your health situation and determine your need for home health care.

Who are the members of your staff?

Our staff is composed of nurses, therapists, home health aides, companions and other allied health professionals. All employees meet the competency and quality standards that are set high by Nina’s Health Care Services, LLC.

Are your staff members background checked?

Yes. We invest in our staff because they have direct contact with clients. We ensure that they have been thoroughly background checked. More information about Background Checking ›